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Friday, July 18, 2008

Still Classical Farming

Hi Reader This weekend I spend my day in my father farms, what a surprised me is crop season it was this time. And as I am new to the Agriculture staff then I don’t know it was a crop season. What I found is that Rambutan, Durian and Mangosteen (Manggis) I was spread out in my father farms. I don’t want to waste my time to pick up all the very fresh fruits, specially Rambutan I do like it and this fruit is one of my favourit fruits and the Rambutan trees its very short, I can pick up the fruits just stand on the land without climbing the Rambutan tree In my father farm serve with 12 Rambutan trees and 6 Durian Trees all are for daily business when the crop season came. But caused by delay drought season last month the crop was not successful for this season . my father owned lots of empty farm located in Panggoi – Lhokseumawe, and the problem is he’s not expert in modern agriculture so then he don’t know how to farm Chilly, Onion in short time crop. That was a problem , and that is not just my father problem but almost all farmer in Panggoi, they still used classical crop system in farming. I did try to find some organization which is giving some lecture in modern farming system that was hard to find some organization which is feel free to teach and train the Aceh farmer in modern farming system. It’s too hard to find this kind of organization. I do talk to local government agriculture sector in Lhokseumawe. They do answer me the question but up to now there’s no real action in the field, Specially in Panggoi which is located in Lhokseumawe. What a pity condition happen here, sometime I think like to pay some talented organization which is deal in farming and train some Aceh farming in modern farming system, specially farming in Panggoi where my father farm located. Because the farmer in Panggoi is isolated from any International Organization. Who care in capacity building or some other rhythm which useful for farmer in Panggoi, Panggoi is one of village which located and surrounded by hills and majority work in the farm. The farming system they learn from their grandfather, which is they teach them by taking them to the farm and direct practical every day. So then they got the knowledge by practical and the crop season was decided by natural season. And it take some more time to crop, by the delay of crop season automatically the income of the people ware late to grow.

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