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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a Crabs M&E...

Its was a fantastic time I spend in Banda Aceh, i came there to do some interview with one of biggest Non Goverment Organization called Save the Children, i propose to M&E Position that posted in Pidie its about 200 Km from the capital of Banda Aceh. after having the interview with two guy and one women, one that guy was an Indian national born i guess and the other one was and african born with no where i know where he's from..both of them asking me a lots of question about the M&E were i only have one year experiences in that position where i use to work with an Australian Partnership Program.
having less experience is the only reason that iam not succeed in that interview, i know iam lack of experience in that position, but i believe myself could do and get more experience in future, the M&E was tough and hard skill to be specialist and expert in it, when i was in Australian Program i was reading alots about Monitoring and Evaluation Paper, i use to learn alone with little help from my tutor made in Manila.
by the end of this year alots of foreign Ngo will step out of Aceh and automatically will increase the population of unrated unemployment in Aceh, what the scariest is the suddent booming economic in under development province in Aceh could caused destruction and collapse in fence of provincial economic of the country..