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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Culture Shock in My Own Citys

i've been living abroad for seven year and never been home even once. in the end of last June i decided to fly back home for goods. before iam reaching home, i like to take a good look of Thai so i steped my feet for the first time in land of elephant. i spend about a month in this country, starting from Bangkok, Pattaya, Ranong, Petcha Bury, and last i spend 2 weeks in Chiang Mai as a city of smiley where the local people use their friendly faces to cmmunicate to each other. iam really impressed with this people they are really friendly and helpfull.

Chiang Mai is the best valley that i ever seen, i decided to stay longer in this place caused by the beautiful view and friendly people are around, i roam all around Chiang Mai and that really make my mind fresh after seven years in India, it just like a flash all of bad moment that i ever feel while iam stayed in India goes like flasing light. on mids of July iam flaying home my sweet home, i was imaging something like my country could be better that what i seen in Thai.. Its about five in evening my flight landed in Medan International Airport. i collected all my luggage and call a taxi to take me to some hotel in Medan. Morning around ten o'clock i was in the bus heading to Aceh, i could not wait to see my birth place where iam growing and playing with my friends spending a childage and everything before i departed to india sevent years ago. In the bus i hear a people chatying around to each other, i do understand their languages and really familiar to my ears. Im just listening to what a matter they speak and i dont respond to any one of them. what i could hear all of my people's inside the bus just talking about the money they earn in the day and where they gone to spend that money. i just aware to them on what they discuss, along the way to Aceh they talk only all about the money i could not believe that.. Finally i reach my Home safely i just seat and stay at home for three days without going out even i receive many invitatiob to my friend house but i refused to come, one day i talk walk with my sistes to some local shopping center in Lhokseumawe - i just pick up some new trauser and slipper coused i need that - after that i walk to cashier to pay - i use to talk with the salesgirl who's stand in that machine, i did'nt see any smiley and friendly face facing at me, its make my body tamperature burnng hot and hots. what i said is iam landing in my own's country and city but why this people are less of smiley to deal with a costumers...? i could not believe that...? in Thai those people are stranger for me but they deal something with me with friendly habits ... what da fuck is wrong with my own's people dealing with unfriendly face to me...? all are suck ... what my sister talk is right... Aceh people are now change to their habits and that caused by the long conflict that happen in Aceh before. Less of Smiley and used to suspect to each other... and less of sense of social to other.. how this happen to my people ... the Aceh people what i meet to day is the worse ever and they are not the people when i leave before....