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Friday, April 17, 2009

Peacefully Local Party - Aceh

I was busy with national election parade, and caampaigning some local candidate to be an legeslative member in parliment, finally they succeeded and later i would like to earn for what i have done to be part of they succeed.
the election in Aceh was succeeed in process and they national party was running very smooth, a friend of mine was part of local party in Aceh, i said it was part of and successor of Helsinky MoU, delegated by Indonesian and Aceh Sumatra National Liberation Front.
I was part of spokesman for Aceh Party (PA) in Lhokseumawe, i do assisted by some big buzzy soldier of local former rebel, they really strenght in assisting, one night i was terrorrize by some messege that said, our car will be burn and shoot if we pass the road head to some village, we dont stop we persue to that village and got nothing disturbance.
It was a politic, i feel enough in local politic and now i want to be free and set to free place in relaxing for what i have done before an election was held. my local party was become a winner and now could be as succissor for they dream as a fight and war in politic, I do doubt what they said to fight and war in politic in Aceh, why Iam not sure about that...????
fuck of the politic .. i was include inside coz i could not hide my self from public and local people asking me to be part of a team, i was hiding for politic and my parent not that agree in me to be part in politic, you know why..??? in Aceh the most expensive thing is a soul.. and the jacket or bullet proof jacket you could not get in the shop easily..!!!
there alot of terror still exist in Aceh pre or post election... i saw it man ... some of eleceted member from other side of local party was having and lost of his home coz by fire in midnight..damn man ....i dont know who's play in other people dead...shit what stupid politic an asshole...
Poeple killing..people dying..
Children hurt an women'c crying..
they dont practice what they preach........they dont...
would you turning energy...
call your mother fucker politic...... sorry for Black Eyes Peas... i Change it..
A people in Aceh, a politician specially need to learn in how to be more democratise in dealing in politic...Accept that or No More...........