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Friday, June 20, 2008

CS 1 Sold

I’ve been little bit busy yesterday, but I strive to get little time to the motorbike dealer in Lhokseumawe. The shop was about to close when I reach there but I maintain good conversation with the Manager of the shop and finally his giving me more time in selecting the motor bike. Last I took one of the latest motorbikes branded by HONDA call CS 1 (City Sport One) a new brand of HONDA invention in 2008. Like mostly a consumer used to deal and bargaining with the exact price. I do talk with the manager about the exact price, finally he’s agree on sum of Rp. 17.759.000.00.- then they manage the all required transportation stuff, when the officer offering me the key’s as the symbol of final handing the motorbike. I was sad when I receive the jacket as a gift coz the jacket that they giving me were not similar to the jacket that they promoted in the advertisement like a newspaper and magazine. I suddenly objected the gift but the officer said that; Officer “the jacket is limited to only who bought it faster “ Me “How come is limited as the bike is still a lots in here, take a look how many CS 1 is still display there? Suppose the bike remain one only than I can realize that I am late?. Officer “ Yup the bike is still a lots here, but we already sold it 28 pieces last month. That why the jacket is limited. I am still with my moods to have the jacket then I crush the limit and talk like a stupid man The manager look busy little bit with other matter than he replied like “ are you literate? Can you read this paper? What that mean? I take a look on news paper spreading on table and I said “ don’t want to fight with you but I know how to disrepute your dealer company only by jackets matter. Alright just give me the answer could you give the jacket that you promise other I’ll turn back and don’t want to know what happened next. I show him my international student card then he realize that I am not that stupid just pretending to be a stupid guys. Finally he give me full smile and said that the jacket is there and only one remain “then you are lucky” Shit on this guys.