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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My New Note for M&E

For about 4 four month i have been staying at for freeze in my house, and i was reading an academic books and seeking a vacancy on net, finally i was successfully found one and joining it yesterday 18/08/09, here in American Red Cross was my second institution working that located in Banda Aceh. to day was my second day, i have no descriptively activity today but what make me lays in here was I was posted as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer its related to my previous professional job. Iam really interest in M&E task as lack of people here in Aceh done and specially talented in this position. Mostly NGO and other private organization was on final line of their activity, and all of them want to evaluate their successfully program implementet, so then, the talented M&E person was huge needed in evaluating their end of program. and there's will be new program would be implemented in the country also need an M&E person to be posted in area were the program will be implemented.
how far i will learn in M&E and be specialized in this position...let's me proof later on..