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Monday, March 24, 2008

Indianos Momentos

India Momentos

Finally Iam leaving India for Good, completed my Bachelor and Master in Agra University for five years and two year IT Diploma in Sikkim Manipal University, stealing Hindi and Urdu language from Local Indian and Robbing Thai language from my Thai roomate. that make me little bit confident to go back home in Aceh.

I spend alots of time in Agra, enjoying the view of Taj Mahal all day and learn the local culture and friendship what i intend is to complete my study and return back home ASAP. the momentos remind good momentos for all da time.

Now i need to thinks how to survive in my own country as i was born here live for long term purpose and responsibility. i did survive in India for seven years and need to proof something to my family what kind of success i could serve to my family.

Now was going six month in Aceh what can i tell them just about the Indian panorama and view of perticular education in India, no more proof i can give them the details just a story and good historical of Indian. hopefully i can give them aproof of academic success is good salary and fine job in Aceh next time..

Praise me Luck...

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Deddy said...

di safdarjung aja bisa hidup.. mosok di negara sendiri gak bisa? huehehe