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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How Far Lhokseumawe Can Go From Now....!!

This small city was very femiliar to the ears of indonesian coz’ by many big industry are growing here. Like any other city in Aceh are there but not much more then in Lhokseumawe. Right now Lhokseumawe was devided from North Aceh, in 2005 Lhokseumawe are traying to move ahead lonely. As a new city in old land of North Aceh, Lhokseumawe was trying hard to improve in any sectors, the barrier was there for sure, the biggest fertilizer factory in Lhokseum0awe was banned down caused by lack of gas supply. PT. PIM was the biggest factory deal in fertilizer for farmer in Aceh and Indonesia generally. Has recruited many local labour to work in there, when the factory closing down the manufacturer, the local labour was protesting on the central goverment to be serious to handle the problem. The other side of conflict still going on between Indonesian army and local rebels are fighting to for self determination. The economic of the country collapse caused by the conflict, people are crying for international help to find a solution. Finally came a cease fire between both side, a local rebel are giving up the weapon and the Indonesian pay the tribe for the Acehness, the solution is not over in this limit many foreign help are came on the issue of Tsunami and the battle are done, both side are stoping to fight and focussing on reconstruction. Back to Lhokseumawe, a people are voting for new mayor of Lhokseumawe, Mr Munir Usman came up as the winner to lead Lhoseumawe. The plann was planned and programme was runned but the reality of developing was stuck in piece of paper, not yet to come or delay in practising was the problem of new mayor. Mr. Mayor is new to his field still confusing about what to do in giving right solution for the country. Many element of the people are recruited to work together in improving better Lhokseumawe. A farmer rebels are placed on top to lead Lhokseumawe, what they can proove to the people of Aceh, they was traying to fight for justice and wealthy economic with weapon. And now the chance was there to proove, how far they can go to proove and giving real action in order for healty and wealthy economic for the Acehness. Lhokseumawe people are waiting for the action...!!!!!

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