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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Understands Aceh more

On 29th of November, AI Malaysia organized “Aceh night” to bring people together to enjoy Acehenese songs, food and coffee as well as to find out about the human rights situation in Aceh . A short video on Aceh was screened. AI HK organized a talk on women's human rights in Aceh in the aftermath of the Tsunami on 10th March 2005. Suraiya Kamaruzzaman, women's rights activist from Aceh was the speaker. She showed the audience some pictures of Aceh after the tsunami. Various women discriminations incidents were also highlighted. Suraiya also pointed out the importance for women to participate in the decision making process for the reconstruction projects that are going on at the moment. She hope through cooperation with other international NGOs, local NGOs in Aceh can create a bigger voice for such demand. The input and involvement of local NGOs in the reconstruction of Aceh is a prerequisite for accountability, social cohesion and stability. It is essential that the work of local organizations – both before and after the tsunami – is fully recognized. Their wealth of local knowledge must be used, so that reconstruction can take place in an appropriate and sustainable manner. Acehnese NGOs have been organizing for years and are continuing to do so. They are the ones likely to be responsible for humanitarian and human rights protection in the future. For more please refer to ‘Aceh after the tsunami - 'We are organizing...' at

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