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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Turky cut off 500 houses from Aceh

Turky's Red Cross finally cut off the rebuilding contract with PT. Waskita Karya, one of the indonesian goverment companies which was banned from Aceh by BRR (Department of Reconstructure and Rehabiliton) the decision was taken after the PT. Waskita karya could not even build one house which was dealed. said the Director of PT Meidiatama Indokonsultan, Ir. Nazaruddin, one of the commitee of Deparment of Reconstruction and Rehabilition, last tuesday. And said that the reducing of the construction was did it by Vice President of Turky's Red Cross, Dr Nihat Kaya. when he visit Banda aceh last January 26 2006 he was upset to see that the two spot of the turkys reconstruction in Lampuuk, Aceh besar, and Desa Bitai, Banda Aceh, was unconstructed. The consultant of the turky contraction said that 'there is so many reason that PT. Waskita Karya could not build a house and could not serve the best for Turky Red Cross, one of that is. after dealing of contract with turky they forgot of their duty, Mr. Nazar quess that PT. Waskita Karya was uncare of the reconstructure of the building until they forgot to reach the deadline of the reconstructure. PT. Waskita Karya plann to build 1050 houses in the contract deal and PT waskita Karya co operated with local company PT almahdali from Lhokseumawe. the Almahdali was given 315 houses to construct which cost Rp. 82 million/houses from 1050 houses which was book from turky. but for the local company Pt waskita karya was given the contract which cost Rp. 68 million/haoses.

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