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Friday, November 21, 2008

First Attraction Was Borrrring....!!!Damn

Hi Reader
It was tough weekend what I’ve spend in Aceh, two day I was plan to spend it with the DreamOne. The plan was arranged, I try to put myself in here, try to care her and try to give everything what I’ve, to make her feel better. I was focusing myself for her only, and I never did like this before, this just to make her feel special in my assistant, and I want to make this weekend belong to her. First time I saw her, it was in the daylight and I was so dizzy caused by lots of task to do. Then I went back of the office. She came up in her beauty and flashed my eyes with her smile, suddenly the dizzy head was gone and cure with her smile. After that day I do always watch her as she’s new to the institution, she feel like stranger and I try to place her and be her assistant informally. I don’t have much time to spend with her in the office as she work in the field and I sit on my desk in the office, just sometime when I feel bore in the office or having fieldwork then I can meet her in short time, smiley and Say Hi in short time was really heat and sometime I do start with texting her an SMS and call, the replied was good but that not satisfied my desire. The day was quite hottest, I used my friends car to move side to other side as she want to move aside too, I picked her and friend to some shopping centre to for shopping or something else, I don’t know exactly what she’s doing in there, coz I feel bore to her now and don’t want to be closer to her as I hate the unsupported time and moment...wuhh.. what the naif story with her..
I dont think every chicky are interest to a guy that grow up and spend alot of time abroad..??? is that the reason for a waiting as she said to know more about me...what she want to know about me..??? Ooo God is that bad I am...??? First attraction was boring .................!!!! damn

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