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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Story of da Past - Where R U Came From -

Were Are We Came From? – Africa – Struggle for Existence Among the various groups of primitive people that Africa is home to the African Bushmen have inhabited the Dark Continent for at least 20.000 years. Basically hunter, the Kalahari deserts is their home ground.
Were Are We Came From? – India – Match of Unequal Days after Tsunami of December 2004, a muscular, naked man on one of tiny island of Andamans, threatened a helicopter hovering above with drawn bow and arrow. For millions of people who watched him on TV, the threat perhaps looked comical. But for this indigenous man of North sentinel Island, however, and for hundreds of other man, women and children hiding from civilization in deep jungles and remote islands around the world, hostility to other humans is necessary for survival itself.
Were Are We Came From? - Arctic – Hunter of the Arctic Two groups of people live in the Arctic – the Eskimos (Inupiat group) and the scientist, thought the later are later arrivals. New – age technology has found its place in the lives many Arctic people, but without the tradition knowledge of subsistence, life in Arctic is near impossible. The Inupiat are a group of Eskimo in Arctic Alaska, living mainly on Point Barrow.
Where Are We Came From? – Native American – Victim of Genocide With an estimate population of six million people, Native Americans make up two per cent of the US population. A minority of US Native Americans live on Indian reservations. In Canada, they are known as First Nations and make up approximately three per cent of the Canadian population.

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